Seabourn Recruitment Brochure/Figliulo & Partners 2017
Copywriter and Concept Creation

Seabourn are the leaders in luxury cruises and they were looking to create a recruitment brochure to attract the high caliber of staff their brand is renown for. The client originally wanted a standard brochure, but given it would be available at expos and other dedicated hospitality events we recommended something a little more creative to stand out from the competition. We dug deep and thought about all the direct mail, free-gift with purchase our attention had been drawn to as consumers and created a brochure that would be genuinely attractive, intellectual and personally appealing. 

Captain Your Own Career

The client wanted a savvy headline that encapsulated the brand as well as their offering to prospective employees. "Captain Your Own Career" not only indicated the nautical nature of positions available with Seabourn, but also suggested that in order to succeed professionally you have to be your own advocate - a quality Seabourn wanted to tap into.

Intellectually Appealing

The crew are Seabourn's point of difference. They are renown for being the best hospitality staff on the water, and we wanted to try and appeal to prospective member's skill, craft and intelligence. We created a mini-booklet within the brochure with puzzles and multiple choice questions aiming act as a selection tool, but also to empower and compliment candidates for their specialized knowledge.

Making Seabourn Memorable

Another touch point for the client was how the staff are integral in making Seabourn voyages memorable. We wanted to make reference to this in the brochure. My designer had recently received a direct-mail Barney's catalogue which included an embroidered sticker. She had promptly stuck on the cover of her notebook and Instagrammed it. We wanted to achieve a similar effect, so created an epaulette sticker to seal the brochure, aiming to tap into the coveted social media post-worthy factor. 

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