Marriott International Recruitment Campaign
Figliulo & Partners, 2017


Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 1.03.25 PM.png

The hospitality giant were looking to revitalize, refresh and ultimately rebrand their employee drive campaign to reflect a more modern, progressive and inviting work culture. You can view the entire site here. In addition to working closely with the client and the creative team to reconcile the intended identity of the client with their current website, the project involved:

1. Reading the Social Climate

As well as being an award-winning place to work, the client wanted to make sure their commitment to diversity was genuine and long-standing and reputable was clearly communicated. 

2. Concisely Conveying the Heritage of the Brand

Including the extensive history and compelling story of the brand was important to the client. In order to make it relevant, it needed to be distilled and applied in a way that empowered, inspired and influenced potential candidates. 

3. Convincingly Describing the Culture

The client wanted to appeal to both management and operational staff by presenting a family-oriented workplace as well as a space to genuinely create an individual path that could take you all over the world. The copy needed to be adventurous while staying loyal to the inviting and inclusive nature of the work culture.