Publicis NY, 2014-2015
Content Strategy/Copywriting

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As the lead content strategist and copywriter for the LG US eCRM account, I worked with a creative director, junior copywriter and designer to ideate strategies for digital campaigns, promotional emails, new product launches, social, instruction manuals, banners and direct mail. However the main responsibility of the role was to write, edit and commission content for three consumer Life's Goodness newsletters. Examples of articles for the home electronics, appliances and mobile phone-centric articles include:

1. Technology 

LG prides itself on the ingenuity of their products, but conveying that through limited words and stock pictures could often be a challenge. One of the genuinely more impressive aspects of LG's OLED technology is how colors contrast on the "perfect black" background. To illustrate this for the launch of the television, we created a slide that would show color contrast on regular TV and the remarkable improvement on OLED TV. 

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2. Lifestyle Interest 

The client required articles to cover either electronics, appliances or cell phone topics, but they also liked to include articles that appealed to a shared common interest. We convinced them to let us do our own shoot instead of using stock, and the result was a fun, bright piece that contributed to the team being able to being a part of a much bigger project: overhauling the LG recipe archive.

3. Product Reviews

It was rare to have product on hand to do a comprehensive review of products. When we had the opportunity to roadtest the LG Styler, a wardrobe that dry cleaned the clothes simply by hanging them, and we sent a lead influencer from the newsletter community to write the product review for us which gave the piece some fresh millennial appeal.  

4. Product Placement

Consumers can tell when there is a blatant product placement. When the client wanted to focus on the self-cleaning aspect of a new oven, we appealed to a real need of the target market. We demonstrated what they could achieve with the extra 20 minutes they had saved by not cleaning their own oven tapping into the most coveted resource of any parent: time.