Publicis NY, 2015

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Working with the Senior Designer, our task was to develop a digital concept for the relaunch of the flagship NYC Cartier store. The project needed to reflect the well-established luxury of the brand,  make the most of the available assets and resources, translate the brand goals, the company's heritage and the building's long history into a winning narrative. We came up with:

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The Advent Calendar Microsite

We created an interactive landing page featuring a rendering of the mansion, with clickable windows revealing fascinating insights about the building, the history as well as exclusive views of the renovated space. As each snippet was revealed, a light inside the site turned on, counting down the days till the Grand Reopening. 

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An Exclusive Invitation

We built excitement around the opening by sharing exclusive peaks of the renovations and opening special customer sales events by inviting clientele, via email, to “unlock the magic” of the mansion with an email "key". Each email unlocked a light, and privileged information, in the mansion on the microsite.



Long and Short Form Posts

In addition to the invitations to the microsite, we also sent out long and short form stories, anecdotes and ephemera from the Cartier historical vault to create a personal connection between clientele and the history of the brand.