Bauer Publishing
Multiple Advertorials, 2017

Bauer is Australia's largest publishing company, and I create advertorials, brochures and other printed matter across a number of their titles with a variety of advertising clients. Having worked as a writer on a number of these magazines when I was in Australia, I have a good feel on the style and audience. Examples include:

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 3.47.15 PM.png

Gourmet Traveller/APT Tour Brochure

APT is Australia's premier luxury tour company, and the partnership with Gourmet Traveller is an exciting one. The challenge here was to condense a lot of itinerary information and transform it into descriptions of thrilling adventure, culinary experience, and memorable travel. 

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Gourmet Traveller/Abercrombie & Kent-

The heading "Under African Skies" set the tone for meeting the objective of this advertorial: appealing to the more daring and adventurous members of the Gourmet Traveller audience, without isolating food-loving romantics.

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Myer Emporium

As a department store, Myer's Emporium magazine features a number of different client advertorials. The images take center stage, so the text is almost always short form.